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School Club Activities

Students attend the Club Activities with boundless enthusiasm, passion and joy. They always express a keen interest in learning by doing, while thinking beyond their classrooms and textbooks. They open up their minds to new ideas as they explore untapped areas of knowledge, skills and hobbies. Under the careful guidance of the mentors, the young members venture out and soar to exciting new heights of imagination and into the ever-expanding horizons of possibilities.

The various clubs at Summer Fields School are Computer Club, Science Club, Environment Club, Interact Club, Literary Club,

Quiz Club, Performing Art Club,Cookery Club, Handicraft Club, Mathematics Club, Heritage Club to name a few.

Computer club of the school is the place for creativity, innovations and fun with technology. Students learned new tools and used them to create their piece of creative tech-art. During club activities students have learned various software and applications such as Canva, Minecraft, Flip, Filmora, Scratch and AI based gaming applications. All these activities help in enhancing their problem solving and thinking skills. Students experiment with learned tools and use them as per the theme given to them for the activity. Students made cards and posters on Earth Day, Cyber Awareness. They developed games and 3D designs during ‘Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat’ activity. Students have videos and presentations to showcase their new ideas and innovations and upload them on and padlet.

All the enthusiastic 15 student-members of the club are given hands-on exposure on using Turtle module in Python.

They have learned how to install Python in their systems and use basic commands to create a triangle, square, hut and rectangle. The sessions witness a remarkable level of involvement and competence in the use of digital tools. PPT and Python Idle were the aids used.

Teachers explain to the eager learners facts like why the orbit of our earth is elliptical, how seasons are formed etc. The mentors watched their little listeners transform into the critical-thinking mode. The sessions are packed with knowledge, eye-opening facts and the realisation of the vast scope of science and hence, the need to develop and inculcate scientific temper amongst students.

The Environment Club aims to develop a bond between its members and nature. The club-mentors inspire the student-members to spend more time in their natural environment, to protect bio-diversity and thus sustain life on Earth.

During the meetings, members share information on a chosen plant on their common name, botanical name, habitat and uses. They talked about their childhood memories and shared personal anecdotes associated with the plant and expressed their love for the green elixir in glowing words.

The Interact Club, dedicated to creating socially responsible citizens, meets to discuss the social and emotional needs of the elderly, proposed welfare initiatives and other social issues.

To sensitize the students, movies on old age care are shown followed by group discussion. This helped in developing empathy among students. During one of the meetings, Danda Anannya of class X C talked on empathy and Yash of class VII B talked on ‘Respect for Elders’.

interact club 21st October 2022 (3)

The young members involve themselves in speaking activities that aim at developing and honing their creativity, imagination and communication skills. The audio-visual and interaction-based activities infuse interest as the members learn to apply grammatical concepts correctly while communicating. During one of the meetings, Neilaanjana and Aayush gave presentations on words in English incorporated from other languages.

Literary Club 2
Literary Club 3
Literary Club 4

The aim of the club is to train and groom a group of enthusiastic participants for inter-school quiz competitions, build a strong information base and instill in them a flair for winning on a wider platform. The theme of the second session of the club meeting was the United Nations. Each member exceeded the other in terms of gusto and fervor as they strived to win and leave an impression that ‘knowledge is power’. A PowerPoint  Presentation explaining the vision and mission of the UN, the role of the Secretary General, the six main organs of the UN and their functions formed the basis of the quiz that followed. The top scorers were given a chance to conduct a quiz in the next session. The club also organised a talk show on ‘Vanmahotsava’ to create awareness on the importance of planting trees and taking care of them.

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Edited quiz club 21st oct 22

Student-members thoroughly enjoy being a part of this fun-learning club with a hands-on video editing experience. They display a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm. The meeting is packed with energy and fun. The students are taught the use of the software, Wondershare Filmora  to edit video and audio. After an introduction to the tools, the excited group of members generally perform tasks on splitting and merging videos. The young and vibrant group of experts take up every assignment enthusiastically.

Performing Arts 1
Performing Arts 2
Performing Arts 3

Veggies, paneer, bread and spices come together and transform into delicious Steamed Bread Rings as the members of the Cookery Club put in their excitement, passion and joy while their parents look on, with an eye on their safety. As the young chefs prepare and cook, they also gain knowledge about the nutritive value of the food and cooking methods. List of ingredients and pre-cooking preparation instructions were shared earlier.


Young artists joined the Handicraft Club with eagerness. They used household waste material and other waste to create artifacts. The budding artists unleashed their creativity out of pots, shoe boxes or even cardboard cartons. Simple and basic working materials like white tape, scissors, pop powder, glue are used. Under the guidance of a mentor’s instructions, the work platform, called Wonder Out of Waste, comes alive as cheerful faces work with dexterity and concentration.

Craft Club 1

An insight into Vedic Mathematics is given to the young mathematics enthusiasts. The immense benefits of Vedic Maths are used to teach calculations faster. Two methods of Vedic Mathematics, namely the ‘Nikhilam Navatascharam Dastah’ and the ‘Ekadhikena Purvena’ are introduced to students and they practice it.

Heritage Club endeavors to explore and conceptualize diversified culture, ethos and unexplored history of not only India but that of the countries around the world.

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Heritage Club1
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The Environment Club is actively bringing in its fold the future guardians of the environment who not only protect it but also spread awareness on ways to slow down degradation and ruin. The young and enthusiastic participants work with a deep passion and dedication while creating the best out of waste, marching with banners and slogans about the 3 Rs, inspiring citizens of their locality to do their bit.

The MUN sessions are epicenters of intellectual activity, marked with exuberance, intellect, and insight. The school has consistently worked towards the holistic development of its students that include analytical, communication and debating skills among students. The young minds research on various subjects of global concern, exchange thoughts and dialogues on vital political and social issues, chalking out resolutions to find answers to critical and persistent problems.

Photography is much more than just having a camera and taking pictures. Students in this club have opportunities to hone their skills by understanding and learning about what makes a good photograph, from composition to artistic expression. Students are encouraged to practice their skills while photographing school related activities and sporting events.

A large number of students who throng the ground with a keen urge to build confidence and fitness are members of the Wellness Club.  The fun-learning experience appeals to students as they are trained in new yoga postures, breathing exercises, free-hand exercises and synchronized drills during every meet. Awareness of various health benefits has seen a remarkable surge in participation.

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    Thank you for considering us for your child's future. We look forward to your visit to our campus soon.

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