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Beyond Classroom Teaching

Subject Week

Monday, 31st October, 2022 to Saturday, 5th November, 2022
Theme : #Tech4Nation

A tech-oriented week-long Computer Week celebration was held from October 31,2022 to November 5, 2022 for teachers and students to celebrate the integration of technology to enhance various 21st century skills.

Numerous innovative ICT tools were used during activities. The theme for the Computer Week was ‘#Tech4Nation’. All activities were planned around the theme mentioned and amplified with the hashtag #Tech4Nation.

The aim for having week-long computer activities is not only to enhance computer skills, but to develop other 21st century skills such as problem solving, communication, creative skills, collaboration and many more with a blend of values and ethics.

October is ‘Cyber Security Awareness Month’, to celebrate the same with week-long awareness sessions for all students and teachers planned during the ‘Computer Week’. The computer department has taken up online and offline sessions on the theme ‘Be Internet Awesome’ to discuss various Cyber Crimes and Cyber ethics with students and teachers.

All teachers also have taken sessions in their classes to continue the awareness drive. Students and teachers have earned the Certificate of Completion from CBSE and Google for the same.

Students of classes III -V have learned a new tool, Paint 3d. Students have shown their creativity and painted season greetings for their grandparents and birthday wishes for friends and family.

A fun-filled activity with a message to ‘Eat Healthy Food’ was done by the students of classes VI and VII using animated stories using Scratch. During ‘Computer Week’, students of Class VIII learned ‘Canva’ and designed posters for Haryana Day and Unity Day. Creativity and imagination were seen in each and every poster.

Students of Classes VIII and IX learned the concepts of Data Analysis of Artificial Intelligence with fun-filled activity on Code.Org during ‘Computer Week’. Students have earned the certificate of completion for completing the module.

Students of Classes IX and XI performed an activity in ‘Code Combat’ and learned the concepts of Python Coding through Games during ‘Computer Week’. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking skills were the learning objectives for the activity.

The theme #Tech4Nation was accomplished by the final activity done by Class X students. ‘Technology has an answer and solution to each problem we address’in our young innovators proved this correct. During the activity ‘IdeaThon’, students identify an issue or a problem related to one of the SDGs and suggest the solution as well with the help of technological tools such as mind maps and presentations to discuss the idea. Students recorded their opinion on the topic on

An Online Intra-School gaming competition, ‘Game Zone’, was organised. Class VIII to XII enthusiastically participated in the ‘Computer Week’ Activity on the weekend.

Beyond classroom activity in Computer Week, X and XI participated in a Video Conference on the topic ‘Fake News and Social Media’. Students from all across the globe came forward to discuss their experiences with fake news. Students from the UAE, Ukraine, Poland and Ireland were a few participants.

The entire school has witnessed great synergy and zest among students and teachers, as various activities were conducted to raise awareness and amalgamation of ICT.

Grade 2

Mathematics week began with an interactive and engaging game: Multiplication Bingo for Grade II children, a fun activity to tickle their logical mind.

Grade 3

As the Maths Week continues in full swing, Grade 3 students participated in an engaging activity called *Figure Me Out * in which they computed facts about themselves.


Embarking on a Literary Adventure :Book Week was inaugurated by Dr.Karuna Mehta, a psychologist and educationist .It was the beginning of a week -long extravaganza filled with literary activities and events. As a part of literary week , various workshops were organised for the students to celebrate the joy of literature.

A workshop on 'Public speaking'

A workshop on ‘Public speaking and stage presence’ was conducted for the student of grades VI to VIII by Mr.Yashwardhan.The purpose of the workshop was to equip students with essential communication skills, boost their confidence and enhance their stage presence by providing practical tips and creating a supportive environment

Story telling session was conducted by "Ms.Ruby Wadhwa"

To nurture the love for storytelling and reading among our students, a story telling session was conducted by Ms.Ruby Wadhwa for the students of grades III to V.
In conversation with Mariam Karim Ahlawat :A session with students of grades VI to VIII was organised wherein the resource person shared her experiences and insights of the world of writing. It inspired students to pursue their passion for writing and provided valuable tips on honing their skills.

Treasure hunt, puppet making, designing a comic strip, designing a book cover

The various literary activities namely treasure hunt , puppet making , designing a comic strip, designing a book cover and many more were conducted to provide students with opportunities to engage with literature, develop their writing and communication skills, and nurture their creativity and critical thinking abilities. These activities not only enriched the students’ educational experience but also fostered a lifelong love for literature.

    Thank you for considering us for your child's future. We look forward to your visit to our campus soon.

    Thank you for considering us for your child's future. We look forward to your visit to our campus soon.

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