Summer Fields School


Education in today’s world is the one quality which defines a nation. We at Summer Fields School believe that the purpose of education is to arouse the creative perceptions in a child, nurture the latent talent and instill courage and confidence empowered with knowledge, innovation and intelligence. It is here that a child imbibes values, combined with sound knowledge and skills. 

We stand committed to provide comprehensive education, keeping in view the country’s rich heritage and cultural background. Besides academic excellence and intellectual development, the school endeavors to help each child discover and develop her/his innate talents and abilities.  


Summer Fields School is committed to transforming young minds into enthusiastic young future global citizens with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others and the courage to hold onto their beliefs.  We help them establish values that will allow them to act with thoughtfulness and humanity. Our endeavor is to impart education that goes beyond the parameters of formal schooling and prepares pupils to face life’s realities and take their rightful place in the modern world. 


To deliver an outstanding education within and outside the classroom, in a safe and happy environment, at all times, to produce empathetic and responsible leaders to transform societies for the better.

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