School Clubs

Clubs are formed so that students can find like-minded individuals outside of their immediate peer group. Whatever their interests or passions are, students can pursue theirs through existing clubs or by finding students and staff who will join them in starting a new one.

The clubs offered are-

  • Heritage Club : Conducts activities to understand the aspects that highlight the identity of our civilization and creates awareness on how to protect and preserve our monuments.
  • Interact Club : Develops leadership skills while reinforcing the concept of service before self. They conduct activities such as visits to old age homes and orphanages to sensitize students and spread the message of goodwill.
  • Environment Club : Promotes participation of students learning and working towards the conservation and sustainability of environment.
  • Sanskriti Club : Created to inculcate within the member deep sense of pride for the dance, art and music of India.
  • MUN : Club members organize an annual meet in the month of October celebrating United Nations Day by understanding the working of various UN Committees.
  • Astronomy Club: The Astronomy Club introduces students to the planets and stars of the cosmos by giving them an up close encounter while using telescopes. The goal of the club is to create new methods to observe the night sky while promoting interest in astronomy.
  • Science Club: To encourage, motivate and equip the students in applications of Science and its interface with society.
  • Photography Club: The mission of the Photography Club is to provide a supportive environment for interested photography students to share their creativity, ...