Summer Fields School

Teachers Training Sessions

S. NO Topic Resource Person Learning Outcomes
1 Knowing your impact Ms. Soumya Taneja A motivational session to inspire teachers
to be the best in their field and make an impact.
2 Graphic Novel Mr. Sandeep Sethi Enable teachers to make teaching and learning experience more interactive and enjoyable by converting any content into graphics.
3 Health, Wellness and Beyond Ms. Geeta Dalal
Ms. Sunita Pourush
During the present scenario how one can take care of themselves and the people around them.
4 Graphic Novel: Mathematics Mr. Sandeep Sethi Session where teachers and mentors presented and explained graphic novels created as a teaching aid.
5 Stress Management Ms. Urmimala Sudhakar To handle stress that one faces in their everyday life and how to deal with a positive attitude
6 Padlet: Online App Ms. Soumya Taneja Session how to create a Padlet to make classroom teaching more interactive
7 MS Teams: Uploading Assignments and MS Forms Ms. Nidhi Tiwari A session on uploading assignments and creating MS Forms for objectives
8 MS Teams: Assignment, Assessment Ms. Nidhi- IT Department Workshop to acquaint teachers with the tools in MS Teams for assessment and assignments
9 Graphic Novel: Psychology Ms. Rita Taneja Mr. Sandeep Sethi Graphic presentation on topics of psychology
10 Graphic Novel Workshop: Social Science Mr. Sandeep Sethi Session on integrating art in the teaching Social Science
11 Graphic Novel: English Mr. Sandeep Sethi Session on creating Graphic Novels and how to incorporate in teaching
12 Graphic Novel: Mathematics Mr. Sandeep Sethi Session on creating Graphic Novels and how to incorporate in teaching
13 MS Teams Training: Assignments (Scheduling Test Papers) Ms. Nidhi- IT Department Session to schedule examinations on MS Teams in assignment tab
14 MS Teams Training: Break out rooms for Activities Ms. Nidhi- IT Department Workshop on conducting activities in online classes by using break out room in MS Teams.
15 Mind Map Tool: Mind-map Ms. Soumya Taneja Workshop on using mind map as a teaching aid.
16 Graphic Novel: Economics Ms. Anju Chazot
Mr. Sandeep Sethi
Presentation of Eco topics of class X and XII
17 Power Point Presentation Ms. Nidhi Tiwari- IT Department Session on how to make a PPT a teaching aid to make class more interesting.
18 Graphic Novel: Social Science Mr. Sandeep Sethi Workshop to make learning of SST using audio and visual
19 Revisiting the law of thermodynamics Prof. Rajaram Nityananda The session was on reaching the rudiments of thermodynamics
20 CBSE Board Examination 2021-22 Ms. Urmimala Sudhakar,
Ms. Renu Gandhi
Changes adopted by CBSE in Syllabus and Examination criteria
21 Graphic Novel: Physics Ms. Anuradha Mathur
Mr. Sandeep Sethi
Graphic novels to explain certain concepts in an innovative way
22 Annotation of PDF files Ms. Soumya Taneja Session on how to annotate pdf files online.
23 Decoding Inclusion Under the aegis of GPSC by Ridge Valley School How to include and mentor students with special needs and take care of their well-being
24 Microsoft: How to become Certified Innovated Educator Ms. Taruna Mongia (National Awardee and Microsoft Master Trainer) How to become a certified Microsoft trainer and an innovator educator
25 Assessment Policy 2021-22 Ms. Renu Gandhi Assessment Policy to be followed as per the changes required by CBSE. Teachers were asked to give their inputs.
26 Assessment Reforms with special reference to CBSE scheme 2021-22 CBSE Changes in the reform policy to be implemented in the session 2021-22 was discussed and projected.
27 Social Media Tool:Twitter Ms. Nidhi Tiwari- IT Department Use of Twitter as Social Media Tool.
28 Use of Twitter as Social Media Tool. Ms. Taruna Mongia (National Awardee and Microsoft Master Trainer) Fun based Assessments and activities using FlipGrid.
29 Graphic Novel : The way Ahead CBSE Webinar Interdisciplinary initiative on how the use of graphic novel can add to better teaching learning process.
30 New Assessment Policy Class X & XII CBSE The new assessment policy adopted by CBSE was explained.
31 Shikshak Parv 2021: Culture of innovation in Schools and Promoting Quality and Sustainable Schools Ms. Anamika Singh, Dr. Pragya M. Singh Preparing the students for real world situation and build a sustainable school through planning and management.
32 AI in Education NCERT/CIET Applications and Tools of Artificial Intelligence used in classroom teaching.
33 Gamification in Learning CBSE Tools used for fun filled learning experiences in classroom teaching.
34 Connecting SDGs with Classroom Teaching Ms.Urmimala Sudhakar (Principal) Importance of SDG and mission 2030 by UN. Integrating SDGs in lesson plan and activities
35 OneNote in Classroom Mr. Saffin Microsoft Master Trainer Using OneNote for Collaboration and Record keeping

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