Service Before Self                          


From developing the concept to giving it a final shape is a dream project for the editorial board of our magazine, ‘Signature’. It is the sense of glory, glamour and grandeur among the young editors that has raised the magazines standard to commendable heights.

Articles range from poems to stories, exposition to jokes, hilarious observations to serious dispositions – all give us a sneak peek into the child’s thinking. They bring out a child’s hope, desires, dreams, and perceptions as they open up and interact through this medium which acts as a ventilator & mouthpiece, and at the same time harness their creative skills.

The more bubbly and chubby ones from the junior wing, paint the magazine with innocence, cheerful babble and the most original ideas.

The professional edge come four the senior students. Before walking out into the world of challenges, they lend the magazine a touch of maturity and richness, which makes us think again- Are they the little ones who are taught various things each day or they are the icons of the GEN NEXT – ready to take on the world at any given time.

Magazine Committee Names (2017-18)

  • Ms. Madhuri (EDITOR)
  • Ms. Neeru Lochab
  • Ms. Sushmita Roy
  • Ms. Shalabh Chohan
  • Ms. Shobha Sharma
  • Ms. Disha Kakkar
  • Ms. Kiran Devi
  • Ms. Hemlata
  • Ms. Samapika Roy Burman
  • Ms. Vandana Jolly

Student Editorial Team

  • Ms. Zufshan Imran
  • Ms. Nadini Gupta
  • Ms. Tooba Hashmi
  • Ms. Karena Khatana
  • Mr. Aditya Saini
  • Mr. Kartik Bhateja