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Summer Fields School has served the community with distinction for over 30 years. We have been working together to build a cohesive platform to provide an environment that nourishes our students intellectually, physically and emotionally. It is our aim to build a happy student community who will not perform under coercion but will learn as partners in the learning process along with teachers, parents and facilitators. Our accomplishments in both curricular and extra-curricular fields are a reflection of the same.





Students of classes III to X chose gardening as their hobby.

All students of classes III to XII very enthusiastically participated in the Green Haryana project piloted by the Government of Haryana under Paudhagiri. Students went around the city to disperse seed bombs. Saplings gifted by the Haryana Government to the students were planted and very happily looked after by the latter.  Though the Haryana Government announced a payment of Rs. 50/- to each child to look after the plants, students are doing it with pleasure thereby saving the Government money to be fruitfully utilised for the Green Haryana Project.

Students have taken waste management and e-waste management as their SEWA project.  Rainwater harvesting – a step towards water conservation is being followed in both buildings of the school.

The school always believed in the concept ‘Energy conserved is Energy generated’.  All efforts are made to use electricity judiciously.  Class in-charges are appointed to switch off fans and lights and all other electrical equipment in the class whenever children go out of the classroom.  Children visit Teri institute regularly to understand the use and generation of alternative sources of energy with special stress on solar energy.

To begin with the school plans to install solar light panels for the common areas of the school.





This year the All India Senior School Certificate Examination has been outstanding. Out of a total of 113 students 94 have secured distinctions. The extraordinary performance of many of our students is worthy of mention.

Deepshikha Sharma topped the non-medical stream with 96.6% while Aprajita Jain from Humanities stream scored 96.4%. The topper of the Commerce stream was Prachi Jindal with a percentage of 96.4 while from the medical stream, we had Niharika Mohile with 95.6%. Our students Gunjan and Preeti Thakran scored full marks in Painting while Aprajita Jain scored full marks in Home Science. The other subject highests are 98 in Chemistry, 98 in Biology and 99 in Economics. We are very proud of our young achievers.

The splendid performance in the All India Secondary Examination has added to the overall academic accomplishments. Alok Raj Siddharth’s score of 97.4%, is followed by 96% of Sunidhi, trailed by Anoushka Chopra and Aditya Jain with 95.6%.

To see our students placed at some of the most prestigious institutions are moments of ultimate triumph.  Rohit Yadav has taken admission in IIT, Mumbai while Deepshikha Sharma and Vansh Madan bagged seats in BITS, Pilani and Hyderabad respectively. Others have secured admissions in numerous prestigious colleges and Universities. Rabya Nautiyal is pursuing Law in Symbiosis University, Utkarsha Pande is doing an integrated MS at Indian Institute of Science and Research Education while we have Gunjan at NIIFT, Bangalore pursuing Textile Design. Prachi Jindal, Aprajita and Madhurima have taken admission in Delhi University, in Hansraj College, Zakir Hussain College and Gargi College respectively. Zufshan and Raghav Nanda are studying B.Com in JIMS and North Cap University. I’m sure they will make their alma mater proud by touching great heights.





Learning is experienced through a range of formats and environments.The focus, as always, is the pursuit of excellence. To give greater impetus to the learning process and making it more participative Summer Fields consistently updates and empowers its teaching staff with the latest technologies and methodologies in teaching and classroom management through workshops and seminars.The staff continues to work collaboratively to further refine their pedagogy, empowering themselves to respond to the complex needs of our diverse and demanding school community.

We have regularly organised workshops to address subjects like stress management, inculcating values, resource building and enhancement.

A CBSE workshop on Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management was attended by Ms Pratima.

A workshop for spreading awareness on the latest CBSE policy of Mainstreaming Health and Physical Education and another one on Inclusive Education was conducted for teachers of the Senior school.

Mr Ranjeet Majumdar from The Hindustan Times conducted a workshop on Empowering the Mind for teachers of the junior school.

Implementing School Cinema as a part of Value Education was the workshop from School Cinema team.

A workshop on Enhancing Student-teacher Bonding was organised by The Times of India.

A workshop on Active Learning Strategies and Integrating Technology in Teaching and Learning was attended by Ms Betsy and Ms Sutapa.

Ms Deepti attended a CBSE workshop on Economics

Ms Nidhi, Ms Tuneer, Ms Shailaja, Ms Shagun represented the school at a workshop on Developing Creative Writing Skills.

To emphasise the use of technology in class rooms, a workshop on Active Learning Strategies for Authentic Classroom Engagement was attended by Ms Tanvi.

With a view to address some of the contemporary issues, a workshop on Addiction in School Children was attended by Ms Garima Kohli, the School Counsellor.

Workshop was conducted on Good Touch and Bad Touch and another on Nurturing Safe Environment for Happy Children by the school counsellor for the entire staff.

A workshop on Capacity Building Programme in Physics was attended by Ms Raji Suresh

While a workshop on Changes in Syllabus of English was attended by Ms Tanvi, Ms Richa, Ms  Nidhi and Ms Madhuri.

Ms Madhavi conducted a workshop ‘Fun with Maths’ for DLF scholars of classes IX and X to develop academic acumen and insight into the world of  Mathematics.

Students too have benefited by attending numerous workshops and seminars.

Students of classes VI – IX have attended workshops conducted by INTACH on Film making, Restoration and preservation techniques and Calligraphy.

Workshops on road safety, mother and daughter health and hygiene, creative writing by experts and professionals were conducted in the school. Students attended a summer internship programme at Pearl Academy and an Educational Technological Summit at Ansal University. The in-house Career counselling programme, Roadmap to Self-discovery, organised a series of career counselling workshops. The first one was on career in Armed forces, followed by Digital Marketing, Civil Aviation and film editing.





The past few months were filled with an exciting mix of challenges, celebrations and achievements.

Enthusiasm and effort make learning a joyful experience. The students of all classes from Pre-nursery to XII have gone on trips and excursions to enhance learning through outdoor activities.

The co-curricular activities of the school are deftly planned. Inter-house and inter-class competitions are a regular feature in the network of events. Rangoli making, Hindi poetry Recitation, Display board decoration, Cookery competition and matches have been organise to instil a spirit of healthy competition, value of team-work and to explore and innovative.

Independence Day was observed with a feeling of reverence, dignity and pride. It enthused the students with a feeling of responsibility and sacrifice.

The Investiture Ceremony carried an air of trust and confidence, where students pledged to walk the path of selfless service and commitment.

On Teacher’s Day the staff members were honoured for the years of dedicated service to the school.

Children’s Day was celebrated with great splendour and zest celebrating the special bond of love and care shared by the teachers for their students.

On 17th November, the school organised its Annual Sports Day. The day saw a grand presentation of enthusiasm, alertness, physical fitness and team-spirit brought about in a plethora of track and field events, co-ordinated and synchronised activities like yoga, aerobic exercises, drills, pyramid formation etc ensuring 100% participation from the junior, middle and senior school. Several sports achievers were felicitated for their commendable performance within and outside the school boundaries. We added a sense of fulfilment to our Sports Day when we witnessed the joy on the faces of the students of Shiksha Kendra and Khwahishain, two NGOs who were invited to take part in fun races.

Summer Fields School is proud to have felicitated DLF Raghavendra Scholar Mr.Kartik Sawhney whose achievements are extraordinary inspite of 100% visual impairment. Our students immensely benefitted from his motivational and inspiring words.

Students at Summer Fields are taught to respect the environment, traditions as well as relationships. They are immersed in an environment that promotes the values of social responsibility, a consistent work ethic, ethical thinking and respectful conduct. Children involve themselves in planning and presenting programmes like Vanmahotsav, World Heritage Day, Earth Day, Labour Day, Swachhata Shapath Day etc. with enthusiasm and joy, taking it upon themselves to sensitize and educate others on the importance of protecting the planet and its systems.

The holistic development of a child cannot be completed without enriching his/her psychological, mental and social attributes. Through our social outreach programmes we reach out to the under-privileged and needy. Our students visit orphanages and old-age homes, namely Shiksha Kendra and the Tau Devi Lal Old Age Home, and interact with them.





Summer Fields School community continues to grow across all stages. It is a learning environment that is full of opportunity and is alive with activity on a daily basis. Through Hobby classes which have been introduced in July. children are exposed to a plethora of activities such as pencil/charcoal drawing, gardening, paper craft, needle work, water /oil painting, instrumental music, cookery, classical dance, theatre etc. They not only enjoy during these hours of collaborative work, but also identify hidden talents, cultivate their interests and enhance their skills and imagination.

Physical training classes are now a part of a regular schedule and we have ensured that overall fitness and self-discipline is given its due place along with building an alert mind and academic astuteness. Gymnastics, Yoga, Mass PT and Drill is the order of the day as outdoor activities have proved to accentuate concentration and make students better learners.





It was a moment of great pride for SFS when Muskaan Huda of class XII and Anmol Huda of class X reached the National level in Badminton and Vasu Sharma of Class VII won the third prize in District Level Shooting Championship to reach the National Level. Anant of Class VIII qualified the district–level karate championship.

Our students have brought laurels to the school at several inter-school competitions. The fields include performing arts, robotics, health awareness, photography, quiz competitions, sports, science and art.

Priyanka Panda, Sayan Kundu and Nandini won the first prize in Wall Art in Vedayata Institute.

While Abhigyan stood first at a photography contest in North Cap University.

At a science task presentation, Ayush, Abhinav and Hardik won the first prize by demonstrating a high level of practical implementation of scientific concepts.

An Inter-school Competition on Emergency Medical Aid in Life Situation, was won by Siddharth Yadav and Yuvraj Singh of Class X, where they brought home the first prize.

Divyansh and Neha bagged the first position at the Encrypt contest.

At a Health and Wellness fiesta, Preeti Yadav of Class VII secured the First position.

Students of classes III and IV have won the first prize at an Inter-School Multiple Intelligence Fest.

Yet another first prize was won by our students of Class 3 in a dance contest, based on a historical event.

Our tiny tots from the primary section won the first prize at a classical dance competition.

Nakshatra of Class XI secured the second prize at an inter-school Robotech Championship.

Shohini and Srijoni secured the second position in a quiz competition on Tourism of India.

Adrija Ghosh and Akshat Raj won the second prize at the Intach Heritage Quiz.

At a classical music competition, Rohan of Class VIII won the third prize at a classical vocal competition.

We believe that by granting the students guided freedom, we can empower the young minds better and make them responsible citizens of the future.

We have a very efficient and dynamic student council comprising responsible and enterprising leaders who maintain discipline, guide youngsters, conduct cultural programmes and inter-house activities, setting high standards in leadership and creativity thereby fostering a sense of brotherhood and mutual respect.

A remarkable and exemplary work of collaboration, enthusiasm and dedication was seen in their organising the 2018 session of the Model United Nations.

Exhibitions on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, commerce and Psychology were organised with zeal by the students under the expert guidance of their teachers.

Teaching and parenting is of course, a privileged, sacred trust and the closer we work together, the more fruitful are the opportunities that each child gets.

Throughout the course of the year, parents are actively engaged with the working of the school and take part in their child's journey of learning and growing.  The information and insight provided by our parents was highly valued as they shape and determine our new strategic directions. We are grateful to the esteemed members of our Parent Teacher Association for their active and enthusiastic participation in the working of some of the crucial matters of the school and will look forward to the same in the coming days.

I am immensely grateful to our Chairman and members of the management committee for lending invaluable support and direction for granting us a range of formats and environment enabling us to provide a joyful and effective learning experience to our children.

A good education strategy is not demonstrated in the number of first divisions and percentages. It is seeing young people in their twenties, thirties and beyond, still benefiting from a solid secondary school foundation in both academic and life skills.

I must mention here, the immense and invaluable contribution of our teachers who have put in ideas, efforts and individual expertise to inspire and guide the students.



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